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Motorists affected by massive recall

Tennessee residents may be affected by a recent update to an air bag recall for Honda vehicles. On March 19, Honda announced that 105,000 vehicles would be added to the active recall after U.S. regulators determined that there may be Accords from 2001, Civics from 2004 and Pilot SUVs from 2008 that possess the defective driver-side air bag. The recall has been attributed to defective driver-side air bags supplied by Takata Corp. in Japan.

This latest announcement involves 5,000 Accords, 11,000 Civics 89,000 Pilot SUVs that may be affected by the recall. Reports suggest that up to 30 million vehicles in the U.S. may be equipped with the Takata Corp. air bags. There have already been 10 automakers and 17 million vehicles affected by the current recall. On a global scale, there have already been 22 million vehicles involved in the recall. Identifying all the vehicles has required automakers to undergo an extensive process of crosschecking databases.

Honda stated that there have been no new reports of defects, and the company does not expect any recall expansions to be conducted in the future. There was also a recall of passenger air bags in higher-humidity states, such as Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Federal regulators claim that the airborne moisture associated with high humidity may cause the ammonium nitrate used to the inflate air bags to explode prematurely.

Anyone who has suffered an injury caused by defective products may benefit from consulting a lawyer. A legal representative might be able to investigate the issue and help demonstrate any liability by outside parties. Injured plaintiffs may be entitled to recover restitution to help account for medical costs, loss of income and other hardships caused by a defect. In order to obtain compensation, lawyers may need to prove that the defendant acted negligently in releasing the product to the public.

Source: ABC News, “Honda Adds 105,000 Vehicles to Driver’s Air Bag Recall,” Tom Krisher, Mar. 19, 2015

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