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More and More, AI is Being Used to Evaluate Cases, and Predict Case Outcomes


When you have a personal injury claim, you generally expect that you, your damages, your injuries, and your case, will be fairly evaluated by human beings. That includes both the attorneys representing you, but also the attorneys and adjusters on the other side of your case, making legal decisions about the defense of your case and decisions about how much to offer you to try to settle your case.

But more and more, these decisions are being made by artificial intelligence (AI). Granted, AI is more often used on the defense side, but even some Plaintiff’s injury lawyers are turning to AI.

How Insurance Companies are Using AI

Insurance companies are now using AI to evaluate the value of your case, and thus, determine what to offer you in any settlement. The AI is so advanced, that it can take into account factors that many insurance companies and adjusters cannot.

For example, AI can, in seconds, look at a judge’s past record and rulings, to see if you have a “favorable” judge in your case or not. AI can look at factors in your case, or even at factors in your own background, to see whether you would be a “sympathetic” victim in trial or not.

The AI can even evaluate your own attorney; an AI evaluation that you have a tough, competent attorney may yield a higher settlement offer value than if the AI calculates your injury attorney to be less experienced or less competent.

In court, the AI can tell parties what kinds of motions a particular judge likes or doesn’t like. Does a judge like to allow free discovery, compelling both sides to give documents to each other? Does a judge disapprove of the use of certain kinds of experts? Attorneys can then base their strategy in advance, armed with knowledge of what their particular judge is likely to like or dislike.

AI Does Medicine Also

AI can even evaluate your potential medical recovery.

It can take into account your age, prior health, or background, and using data from others who have had your injury, estimate with accuracy how likely you are to make a full recovery, the possibility of your getting back to work, and the likelihood that your marriage or family life will be affected by your accident and injuries.

No Human Element

By some estimates, about 70% of car accident claims in California are now using software with Ai to evaluate accidents, and Tennessee is likely at about the same number.

The problem comes in that AI is not human; it may not take into account the human elements of a lawsuit, or the unknowns—not every injury, judge, motion, or case follows a specific pattern, and the AI can only make future predictions based on past data.

Still, insurance companies are relying on AI to settle cases, which means that injury attorneys need to also have the necessary information to combat the reliance on what AI is telling the Defendant.

Call the Knoxville personal injury lawyers at Fox Farley Willis & Burnette, PLLC, today to help you fight back against the insurance company, and the negligent parties that caused your accident and injuries.




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