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GM’s latest recall involves 3.16 million cars

Tennessee residents may be aware that General Motors recalled over two million vehicles in February and March 2014 due to an ignition switch problem. The Detroit-based automaker announced on June 16 that it was recalling a further 3.16 million cars due to the defect. While GM says that there were no fatalities in the eight incidents they are aware of that prompted the latest recall, they acknowledge that 13 people have been killed in 54 accidents related to problems with the ignition switches in their vehicles. The problem can be particularly dangerous not only because it can render a vehicle uncontrollable but because it may also cause the airbags to fail to deploy.

The cars involved in the latest recall were manufactured between 2000 and 2014. The design of the ignition switch on these cars makes it possible for the ignition key to move from the on position to the accessory position when a heavy key ring is attached and the car is jarred by driving over a pothole or a similar event.

While previous recalls addressed the problem by replacing the ignition switch, GM says that this time the problem can be remedied by fitting an insert to the head of the key. The insert will prevent a large key ring being attached, and it will alter the stresses placed on the key while the vehicle is being driven.

Consumers can suffer catastrophic injuries when companies fail to adequately test the safety of the products they bring to market. However, the resulting litigation often involves complex legal issues and features defendants with formidable resources. Individuals who suffer injury, loss or damage due to a defective product may wish to consider consulting with an attorney experienced in this area for an evaluation of the merits of their case and its likelihood of success.

Source: USA Today, “GM recalls 3.16 million more cars for switches”, James R. Healey, June 18, 2014

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