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Evenflo car seats recalled due to defective buckles

When a person places a baby in a car seat, he or she trusts that the seat will help to protect the little one in the event of an accident. Finding out that a child’s safety seat is actually unsafe can be upsetting for a parent in Tennessee. This is the situation that many parents are facing after a recent recall of car seats by the company Evenflo Company Inc.

The Evenflo recall follows a recent recall of Graco car seats as well. Evenflo is recalling more than a million of its seats because of a defect involving the seat’s buckle and harness. In particular, the buckles may become faulty after being exposed to drinks and food, which cause them not to latch properly. This makes it difficult to take the child out of a car during an emergency.

These recalled car seats are from the years 2011 to 2014. Those consumers whose buckles are working correctly can continue to use their car seats. There have been no reports of injuries in connection with the defective seat issue, but it is still important for parents to discontinue use of the affected seats as soon as possible.

If people end up getting injured or dying as a result of the defective car seats, they have the right to file personal injury claims or wrongful death suits against the company. A company has the responsibility of manufacturing products that are safe for consumers; when it fails to live up to this standard, it can be held accountable. A successfully fought claim certainly can result in monetary damages incurred by using the dangerous product, which can help with medical expenses and other losses associated with the unfortunate situation in Tennessee.

Source: International Business Times, “Evenflo Car Seat Recall 2014: Full List Of Child Seats Recalled For Faulty Buckles, How To Get A Replacement”, Rebecka Schumann, April 7, 2014

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