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Employee suffers workplace injuries after fall from park ride

When people think of amusement parks, they often imagine places where they can enjoy fun rides and forget their troubles for a time. However, when a worker is injured in this type of setting, the situation is no laughing matter, as it can cause financial and physical troubles for the individual and his or her family. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance benefits help injured workers in Tennessee get the money they need to keep their bills paid and get the medical attention they require. In a recent out-of-state case, one employee suffered workplace injuries following an accident involving a popular ride there.

The Disneyland employee appeared to have fallen from a ride called the Matterhorn. This incident took place during the morning hours, according to police. She was taken to the hospital with injuries that weren’t considered life-threatening.

At the time of the accident, the woman was laboring at a dock where items are loaded. The ride had to be closed down temporarily as a result of the accident. However, it was operating again nearly three hours following the incident at the theme park.

It is a requirement for companies in Tennessee to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. When an employee suffers workplace injuries due to a work accident, he or she is eligible for benefits that help to cover expenses such as lost wages and accident-related medical bills. Proper legal guidance may enable an injured person to successfully complete the claims process to ensure that he or she gets all of the benefits needed and deserved in his or her case.

Source: 10news.com, “Disneyland worker hurt after fall at Matterhorn”, , May 16, 2014

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