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Dump truck involved in fatal multi-vehicle crash

On March 2, a multi-vehicle car accident in Tennessee resulted in the death of one of the drivers involved. The auto accident occurred near the Murfreesboro Airport shortly after 12 p.m. According to a police report, the accident happened when a dump truck driver struck a pickup truck that was stopped at an intersection. A witness who saw the crash as it happened said that it sounded like a bomb going off.

Prior to the initial collision, three vehicles were waiting at the intersection of Airport Road and Memorial Boulevard. After a Melton Construction Company dump truck driver rear-ended a pickup truck, the pickup truck struck a vehicle in front of it. That vehicle then collided with another car that was in a different lane.

Following the accident, the male pickup truck driver was rushed to a hospital in the area on LifeFlight. He was declared dead at the hospital later on. The driver of the dump truck was uninjured, and the two other drivers who were involved did not suffer from serious injuries. Authorities were forced to shut down Memorial Boulevard from Irongate to Heritage Park until about 4 p.m. An investigation into the cause of the accident was launched.

When a fatal accident involves a commercial vehicle, multiple parties could hold liability for the death. The driver of the commercial vehicle and the driver’s employer could be ordered to reimburse the deceased victim’s family members for damages. An attorney may be able to help a family that has lost a loved one in this type of accident to seek an appropriate award for damages from each of the liable parties.

Source: WSMV.com, “1 person killed in multi-vehicle crash in Murfreesboro,” Kara Apel, March 3, 2015

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