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Dangerous products: Could Tennessee man have been a victim?

A major car manufacturer recently issued a nationwide repair alert concerning several of its vehicle models. In a situation that could lead to the models involved being labeled dangerous products, there are possibly many families left wondering if they have suffered a loss because of a malfunction in their car. This new alert may affect thousands of families across the country, including those living in Tennessee.

One such family is now left with many unanswered questions. They lost a beloved young father several years ago when he was involved in a fatal accident on his way to work. The accident occurred on a bright, fair-weathered afternoon. The victim’s car veered out of its lane of travel and strayed into the opposing lane. The car scraped sideways against one vehicle, then was spun into the path of an oncoming larger vehicle.

The family left behind is now questioning whether the alert concerning a problem with the starting mechanism could have caused this tragic accident. The issue with the vehicles allegedly causes the ignition key to slip out of its normal operating position. The car could then lose power and be unable to be controlled by the driver. However, it may be difficult to prove whether this problem led to the man’s death and contributed to the injuries suffered by the other victims of the crash.

Families in Tennessee and across the nation are entitled to be protected from possibly dangerous products, whether they be vehicles or household goods. There are laws in place that are meant to provide for the safety of consumers. However, no matter how many legal protections may be enacted, potentially hazardous products still wind up in the homes and lives of unsuspecting consumers. Any family who believes that they may have suffered harm as a result of a defective product has the right to seek information concerning what actions they may take in order to seek financial relief for damages sustained and protection for others from possibly unsafe and dangerous goods.

Source: wbir.com, GM recall leaves middle TN family with unanswered questions, Shelley DuBois, March 15, 2014

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