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Cause of road rage

Tennessee residents who are even-tempered in their personal and professional lives may not always have the same temper when it comes to driving. Behind the comfort of tons of steel, drivers may feel invincible compared to when they are outside of their cars, and that could lead to road rage.

According to a recent report, drivers have even admitted that rude responses to driving conflict make them feel better. One driver felt better after holding up her middle finger at another driver. Another person admitted that she would not get mad at people who skip the line in grocery stores but had the exact opposite reaction to someone cutting her off in traffic.

The road rage response may not always be eye-to-eye contact either. Sometimes it is just a matter of yelling aloud and complaining about other drivers on the road. However, one driver took it too far, and shot and killed another driver during a traffic dispute. Police are still looking for the person behind the shootout. Although the latter event is not the typical response to an irate driver, there is a sense of anonymity that people have behind the wheel that might contribute to aggressive behavior, especially if they are already annoyed to be stuck in traffic, having a bad day or have somewhere to be.

In some cases, road rage may lead to an accident that might result in serious injury. Those who have been affected by such events might consider discussing their situation with an attorney who is familiar with personal injury cases and car accidents. If it can be demonstrated that the other party was negligent, it may be possible for the attorney to help a victim seek compensation for damages, which might include the cost of medical treatment and lost wages.

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