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Auto accident results in woman’s death in Tennessee

A woman recently died in Tennessee when the car in which she was riding was involved a vehicle accident. The auto accident took place in Johnson City at nearly 5 a.m. This type of tragedy is often hard for the family members of the deceased passenger to comprehend, especially since she appears to have been an innocent victim.

The crash happened when an 18-year-old man was driving west on Interstate 26. His car left the road and ended up in the median. The vehicle then struck metal posts and cables there.

All of a sudden, his car turned to the side and hit a guardrail. The door on the passenger side was struck, and the 36-year-old female passenger suffered injuries as a result of the impact. She died in the single-vehicle collision.

The driver suffered injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening, and he was transported to the hospital. Charges remain pending, according to Tennessee authorities. Not only may the man face criminal charges, but he may also have to answer a civil claim filed by the deceased woman’s family, who may seek to hold him financially accountable for her death. If he is found to have been driving negligently or recklessly on the roadway, the family may be awarded damages that could help them in trying to move forward from their loss. If the driver ends up being convicted of criminal charges concerning the crash, proof of the conviction might be used to try to establish his liability in the auto accident.

Source: tricities.com, “Smyth County woman killed in crash on Interstate 26”, Kevin Castle, April 26, 2014

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