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Auto accident leads to man’s death in Tennessee

Left-turn accidents frequently occur in Tennessee because the person who is going straight on the road doesn’t see the driver turning left until it is too late. A person can easily suffer critical injuries or even die due to the sudden forceful impact of the two-vehicle auto accident. When a person loses his or her life in this type of wreck, the surviving family members naturally may experience grief, and even anger, if the other driver is found to have caused the fatal incident.

A two-car accident recently occurred in Memphis. A 33-year-old man driving an SUV was turning left onto a road. That’s when a vehicle operated by a 53-year-old man struck his vehicle.

The man whose SUV was hit was apparently not wearing a seatbelt. H is vehicle collided head-on with a pole, and he ended up passing away at the scene of the accident. Charges are pending, according to police investigating the wreck.

If the police document that the man whose vehicle struck the SUV was at fault in the accident, he or she may face criminal charges and even a wrongful death claim filed by the dead man’s loved ones. It certainly is within the rights of the deceased victim’s family members to seek a judgment for monetary damages sustained as a result of the auto accident, such as the loss of the victim’s financial support, along with funeral expenses and other end-of-life costs. Proof of negligence on the part of the driver who struck the SUV will be necessary to establish his liability in a related civil proceeding in Tennessee.

Source: wmctv.com, “Two car crash leaves one man dead”, , April 6, 2014

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