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Auto accident kills 2 in Tennessee

An accident on the Interstate in Tennessee recently left two individuals dead and their family members struggling to understand what happened. The auto accident began when a car occupied by two people broke down. An individual driving a second automobile stopped to help these them.

All of a sudden, the driver of a third automobile lost control of the vehicle he was operating. He struck the three individuals and their cars. Police still are unsure what caused the third driver to crash into the group of people.

The 22-year-old operator of the automobile that originally broke down died at the scene of the accident. His female passenger, said to be 20 years old, suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital. The driver who stopped to help, also just 20 years old, died at the scene as well. The third driver was taken to the hospital, as was his passenger. Neither of their injuries were deemed to be life-threatening.

The driver deemed responsible for the auto accident faces charges of not controlling his vehicle, driving with no license, vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. The family members of the deceased may elect to sue him in a Tennessee civil court as a result of this fatal accident. If the man is convicted of the criminal charges, the families of the deceased victims may offer proof of this in civil court as they seek to establish his financial liability for the loss of their loved ones. Moreover, the seriously injured woman has a separate right to pursue claims for personal injuries against him.

Source: wate.com, “2 dead, 1 transported to hospital following I-40 crash”, , April 27, 2014

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