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Auto accident claims teen’s life in Tennessee

Being a teenager can be an exciting time for someone who looks forward to going to college and enjoying the privileges of being an independent adult. However, if a motor vehicle accident happens, this person may never have the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer. A Tennessee auto accident can easily occur if another driver on the road is behaving negligently, by speeding or driving while distracted, for example.

In a recent tragedy, a 19-year-old man was involved in a vehicle collision in Tennessee. The accident took place when he was turning left onto a road. That’s when another car operated by a 19-year-old hit the passenger side of the first man’s car.

The first driver was taken to the hospital. He ended up dying there. No criminal charges have been filed in the case, but police continued to investigate the incident.

The driver whose vehicle apparently struck the first man’s vehicle could be held financially responsible for the death resulting from the auto accident. This is because the family of the deceased accident victim has the right to file a wrongful death suit in this case. If the police find that the driver was operating the car in a careless manner, proof of this might be used to try to establish his or her liability in a civil court in Tennessee. To prevail in the suit, it will be necessary for the victim’s family to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the death stemmed from the negligence of another party to the fatal accident. The court will decide monetary damage claims in favor of the victim’s family if liability is established according to Tennessee law.

Source: localmemphis.com, “19-Year-Old Killed In Saturday Crash”, Jerica Phillips, April 6, 2014

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