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Auto accident claims pedestrian’s life in Tennessee

Walking near vehicles might make people feel on edge, but they often expect motorists to take extra precautions when traveling close to them. In some situations, pedestrians unfortunately still end up getting struck by a passing car. To make matters worse, some drivers involved in this type of auto accident flee the scene of the accident to avoid getting into trouble. The family of the deceased pedestrian, understandably, may seek a sense of justice in such a seemingly unfair situation in Tennessee.

A woman recently was charged for striking and running over another man recently in Tennessee. The man who was killed was 59 years old. He was a cancer survivor.

Police found the woman at her house. According to her family, she was drunk at the time of the crash. This caused her to lose control of the vehicle and run over a gate as well as the pedestrian. The man who was killed happened to be the dad of her dad’s best friend.

The woman who is thought to have struck the pedestrian will have to face her criminal charges. She also might face a civil lawsuit filed by the family members of the deceased man. Pedestrians are at risk for serious injury or death because they have virtually no protection against an automobile. If it can be established that the woman caused or contributed to the auto accident due to negligence, the family may be entitled to reimbursement of the monetary damages sustained in the fatal collision in Tennessee.

Source: Daily Journal, “Memphis police charge woman in hit-and-run death; car’s owner called police”, , March 31, 2014

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