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90 reported injured by hot beverage brewers, recall announced

Tennessee residents who enjoy the ease and convenience of preparing their morning coffee or afternoon tea with a personal beverage-brewing machine may be interested in knowing that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of more than 6.6 million brewing systems on Dec. 23. According to reports, the Keurig Green Mountain Mini Plus Brewing System model number K10 can overheat and release hot liquids during use.

As of press time, Keurig has received 90 reports of burn-related injuries believed to have been caused by malfunction of the brewers. Approximately 200 incidents involving hot water spraying from the mini brewers have also been reported.

The defective products were sold between 2009 and 2014 in Canada and the United States. Concerned consumers can find an identification number starting with “31” printed on the bottom of affected units, which were available for purchase in stores and online. Individuals who own one of these products can arrange to have the item repaired free of charge by contacting Keurig at their location in Waterbury, Vermont.

Tennessee residents who have suffered injuries due to these brewers or other malfunctioning products may want to be aware that a product recall may not relieve the manufacturer of responsibility for injuries caused to consumers. If an individual is seriously hurt during normal use of a product, that person may be able to seek financial compensation from all responsible parties for losses suffered as a result of the defect or inadequate safety warning.

A personal injury attorney could investigate the accident and identify the at-fault parties. The attorney could also ascertain the full extent of the victim’s loss, which could include pain and suffering, medical and rehabilitative expenses and the financial costs associated with lost wages while time is taken off work for recovery. Finally, if insurers are unwilling to negotiate a fair settlement, the attorney could file a product liability lawsuit on behalf of the client seeking damages in court.

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Source: NBC News, “Keurig Recalling Nearly 7 Million Coffee Makers”, December 23, 2014

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