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Opioid Lawsuit Lawyer

Over the last decade, government officials, medical professionals, and thousands of families have been forced to grapple with the ever increasing rate of opioid addiction occurring across the nation. In fact, a number of lawsuits have been filed against drug companies, attempting to hold them responsible for the strain on public services that opioid addiction has caused in recent years. However, drug companies are not the only entities being held accountable by injured parties, as some plaintiffs have begun filing suit against medical professionals, as well as wholesalers and pharmacy owners. To learn more, please contact our experienced Opiod lawsuit lawyers at your earliest convenience.

Drug Distributors

This year, the nation’s three major drug distributors were sued for their role in the country’s opioid epidemic, as these three companies alone have distributed approximately 423 million pills in the state of West Virginia over a five year period alone. According to complaints, the distributors violated federal law by failing to alert the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of suspicious opioid purchases, including orders of unusual frequency, size, or pattern. Plaintiffs also argue that drug manufacturers unlawfully:

  • Exaggerated the benefits of opioid-based drugs;
  • Knew that they were being overly prescribed, but failed to warn doctors of the addictive nature of the medication;
  • Lobbied politicians and physicians to increase the use of opioids;
  • Willfully allowed opioid-based drugs to enter the black market; and
  • Improperly filled prescriptions for controlled substances.

Thousands of those whose loved ones were injured or passed away as a result of an addiction to a prescribed opioid medication have also joined the ranks of plaintiffs filing class action lawsuits against drug manufacturers, hospitals, and pharmacies. Although nothing can compensate someone for the loss of a beloved relative, collecting compensation for medical expenses spent on the drugs themselves, the cost of drug treatment programs, funeral expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering can go a long way towards helping injured parties begin the process of recovery.

Medical Experts

Many injured parties have also filed claims against medical experts who recommended the use of certain opioid-based drugs. For instance, last month, a number of towns in West Virginia filed a class action lawsuit against a nonprofit company, known as the Joint Commission, that inspects hospital performance and sets practice standards for doctors. The group is responsible for accrediting more than 20,000 health organizations nationwide and according to the complaints, is responsible for spreading misinformation about the risks of opioid addiction for the past 15 years, some of which was included in published materials provided by opioid manufacturers. The organization’s pain management standards, which were first issued in 2001, for example, have come under fire, as it has since been revealed that the organization had strong financial ties to the pharmaceutical firms responsible for manufacturing and distributing opioid-based drugs.

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