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Tennessee Talcum Powder/Baby Powder Lawsuit Lawyer

Were you diagnosed with ovarian cancer or mesothelioma after using talcum powder or baby powder for years? You could be eligible to file a talcum powder lawsuit. Across the country, consumers who have used Johnson & Johnson baby powder have been diagnosed with cancers caused by asbestos exposure. Thousands of people have already filed claims against Johnson & Johnson, and it is not too late to file a lawsuit against the company or another baby powder manufacturer. It is critical to seek advice from a Tennessee talcum powder/baby powder lawsuit lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options for seeking compensation.

Background: Talc and Baby Powder Lawsuits

In 2018, Reuters published a report that revealed Johnson & Johnson, the maker of widely used baby powder or talcum powder, knew for years that the product contained asbestos. That investigative report revealed that Johnson & Johnson had conducted tests on its talcum powder as early as 1972, and found “rather high” concentrations of asbestos in the talc used in its baby powder. However, Johnson & Johnson continued to advertise the product as being “asbestos-free.”

After tens of thousands of people came forward with claims that baby powder caused their ovarian cancer or mesothelioma, Reuters was able to gather evidence that showed Johnson & Johnson’s “raw talc and finished powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of asbestos, and that company executives, mine managers, scientists, doctors, and lawyers fretted over the problem and how to address it while failing to disclose it to regulators or the public.”

Dangers of Asbestos in Talc

Talcum powder, or baby powder, is made from the mineral talc. According to the American Cancer Society, talc is a mineral that is “made up mainly of the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen,” yet “in its natural form, some talc contains asbestos.” The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had classified talc that contains any amount of asbestos as “carcinogenic to humans,” the American Cancer Society explains. Asbestos occurs naturally in soil and rocks, and it is made up of fiber bundles. There are two types of naturally occurring asbestos known as chrysotile asbestos and amphibole asbestos. Both types have been tied to cancer diagnoses.

Talc may been linked to a number of different cancers, including the following:

  • Ovarian cancer;
  • Lung cancer;
  • Mesothelioma;
  • Endometrial or uterine cancer; and
  • Stomach cancer.

How a Tennessee Talc Lawyer Can Help with Your Claim

An experienced Tennessee talc attorney can assess your case and can help you to file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson or any other liable party. We will represent you and advocate for your right to compensation from start to finish.

Contact a Baby Powder Lawyer in Tennessee

If you or someone you love was diagnosed with cancer and you believe the diagnosis is linked to talc, you should seek advice from one of our Tennessee talcum powder attorneys as soon as possible. Contact Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette today to begin working with our firm on your talcum powder or baby powder lawsuit.

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