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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyers > Sevierville Personal Injury Lawyer > Sevierville Amusement Park Accident Lawyer

Sevierville Amusement Park Accident Lawyer

While nobody should have to think about injury risks while on vacation at an amusement park, accidents do happen. From minor cuts and lacerations to severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and heart attacks, amusement parks can be dangerous. An experienced Sevierville amusement park accident lawyer at our firm can help you to seek compensation.

Types of Amusement Park Accidents in Sevierville, Tennessee

Amusement park accidents can have a wide range of causes, and one or more parties may be responsible for your injuries. The following are some common causes of amusement park injuries in Tennessee:

  • Employee operating a ride was distracted or intoxicated, and as a result improperly operated the ride;
  • Amusement park failed to warn visitors to the park and riders of certain rides about inherent risks, such as risks for individuals with heart disease or high blood pressure;
  • Amusement park owners failed to have a ride properly inspected or maintained;
  • Amusement park instructions to riders contained an error that led to a passenger’s injury on a ride;
  • Amusement park owners failed to have employees properly trained on the operation of specific rides or handling guest questions about safety and health risks;
  • Employee at an amusement park failed to clean up a liquid spill in a highly trafficked area, leading to a slip and fall accident;
  • Lifeguard at a water park was distracted and failed to notice a drowning guest;
  • Motorist in the parking lot was not looking and collided with a pedestrian; or
  • Amusement park ride had a defect.

Liability for an Amusement Park Accident Injury in Sevierville

Given the various ways in which amusement park accidents can happen, it may be difficult to determine who is liable—and thus who you can sue—for your injuries. One of our experienced amusement park injury lawyers in Sevierville can assess your case for you today and can provide you with more information about which party or parties should be the named defendant in your lawsuit. In the meantime, the following are parties who commonly bear liability in amusement park accidents:

  • Amusement park owner;
  • Employee of the amusement park;
  • Ride operator;
  • Mechanic responsible for inspecting and/or repairing rides;
  • Contractor providing food for snack carts and restaurants at the amusement park;
  • Patron or guest at the amusement park whose negligent or intentionally harmful behavior resulted in the injury of another patron;
  • Motorist at the amusement park’s parking lot who caused a collision or a pedestrian injury;
  • Designer of a ride or one of its components; or
  • Manufacturer of a ride or one of its components.

Tennessee law requires that most claims against one or more of these parties be filed within one year from the date of your injury.

Contact Our Sevierville Amusement Park Injury Lawyers Today

Getting hurt at an amusement park can be devastating, but you may be able to file a claim for financial compensation. Do not hesitate to get in touch with an experienced Sevierville amusement park accident lawyer at our firm who can help you with your claim. Contact Fox Farley Willis & Burnette to find out more about filing an amusement park accident lawsuit in Tennessee.

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