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Pigeon Forge IVC Filter Lawyer

IVC filters can cause serious injury or even death. If you were a victim of injury or a loved one died due to an IVC filter, a lawyer may be able to help you recover significant financial compensation for your damages. These damages include medical costs, future procedures, pain and suffering, lost joy of life, lost income and earning ability, loss of consortium if your loved one died, and much more. To speak with an experienced Pigeon Forge IVC filter lawyer with the law offices of Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette, contact us today to set up a consultation at no charge.

Why are IVC Filters Still Being Used?

The spider-like device called an IVC filter, which is placed inside of veins, has been known to cause serious injury and death in patients for many years now. So why do physicians continue using this dangerous product? If you were outfitted with an IVC filter, it was probably because there were other risks associated with blood thinners. For instance, IVC filters may be preferred over blood thinners when the patient recently underwent surgery, have a spinal cord injury, or when they are undergoing dialysis–the process of artificial blood cleaning for people that do not have properly functioning kidneys.

The Threat of Blood Clots and IVC Filters

Blood clots, which are described as “gel-like clumps of blood” by the Mayo Clinic, pose a serious health risk to people of all ages, though usually elderly people are the most at risk group. Muscles and organs need continual blood flow, and the oxygen that is carried by the blood cells, or they risk damage. A blood clot that forms in the lower legs is called deep vein thrombosis, and affects hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. If the clot travels to the lungs, it is called pulmonary embolism, and can cause permanent damage or death. A clot that travels to the heart results in a heart attack, while a blood clot to the brain is called a stroke. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year 795,000 Americans have a stroke and 130,000 people die from a stroke. To prevent blood clots, physicians use blood thinners or IVC filters. Blood thinners can cause severe bleeding, while IVC filters can cause their own host of issues, including:

  • Breaking off and traveling to the lung or heart, causing a puncture and tissue damage or death;
  • Puncturing a blood vessel and causing internal bleeding; and
  • Moving from their position and causing severe pain and loss of their clot-preventing function.

Call a Pigeon Forge IVC Filter Lawyer Today

If you were injured by an IVC filter, our lawyers are here for you and your family in your time of need, and will stop at nothing to provide the financial compensation that you deserve for your grave injuries. We strongly urge you to contact the Pigeon Forge lawyers of Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette today for professional legal help at once.

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