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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyers > Pigeon Forge Family Lawyer

Pigeon Forge Family Lawyer

If you have a dispute among family members, you know how emotionally exhausting they are. Whether you are considering divorce, or you need to change an existing child custody or support order, you need legal advice. There are many laws that dictate how these disputes are to be resolved and you need to make sure your rights are upheld. A lawyer can advise you about these laws, and negotiate with the other side when helping you obtain the best outcome possible. Below, our Pigeon Forge family lawyer outlines some of the disputes we can help with.


You likely did not get married thinking that one day, it would end. Unfortunately, Tennessee has one of the highest marriage rates in the country, which also means the divorce rate is fairly high. You can obtain a fault-based or no-fault divorce in Pigeon Forge. When filing a fault-based divorce, you must state the grounds you are filing on. Common grounds for divorce in Pigeon Forge are adultery, cruelty, abandonment, and felony conviction. If you divorce on no-fault grounds, you must only state that you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences that are unlikely to be resolved.

There are many laws regarding the divorce process. Either you or your spouse must have lived in Tennessee for at least six months immediately prior to filing. There is also a waiting period of 60 days after the day you file for divorce, if you and your spouse do not have children. If you do have children together, your divorce cannot be finalized until 90 days after the date of filing.

Property Division

During a divorce, marital property is divided. Marital property includes any assets and liabilities you and your spouse acquired together during your marriage. Marital property is divided equitably in Pigeon Forge, and throughout Tennessee. This means that property is divided fairly, but not necessarily equally. The court will consider many factors when dividing property including the length of the marriage, the health and age of you and your spouse, and other relevant factors.

Child-Related Issues

When two parents have children together and then their relationship ends, the matter of child custody must be decided. All of these decisions are made according to the best interests of the child. Parents can also agree to a parenting schedule on their own, or they can have a judge make these decisions. In either case, the final parenting plan is legally binding and there are serious penalties for violating its terms.

After two parents break up, one is often ordered to pay child support. Child support is usually paid by the parent who spends less time with their child, as they do not incur as many expenditures for the child’s care as the primary caregiver.

Call Our Family Lawyer in Pigeon Forge Today

If you have a dispute in your family, our Pigeon Forge family lawyer can help you resolve it. Call us now at 866-862-4855 or fill out our online form to schedule a review of your case and to learn more about how we can help you exercise your rights.

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