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Maryville Premises Liability Lawyer

All property owners in Maryville have a legal responsibility to maintain their premises so visitors are kept safe. When they fail to do so and an accident occurs, they can be held liable for paying damages for any injuries that result. Premises liability cases are not always so straightforward, though. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, our experienced Maryville premises liability lawyer can advise on your claim.

Property Owners are Responsible for Hazardous Conditions

Property owners must ensure that their premises are safe from all hazards. Some people first think of the most apparent dangers, such as a vicious guard dog or uneven pavement. However, property owners are responsible for dangerous conditions that are not as obvious or that are only temporary, as well.

For example, if a staff member in a retail store just mopped the floor, the store owner can be held liable if a customer enters the property and slips and falls. This is because the store owner should have had policies in place to prevent such accidents, such as requiring employees to warn the public that the floor is wet and poses a hazard.

In some cases, property owners can also be held liable for the actions of others. This mostly occurs when a property owner has negligent security. For example, someone may own a bar in an area that is known for criminal activity. If the bar owner did not have security cameras, security guards, and other measures in place to keep their patrons safe, they can be held civilly liable for a criminal act.

Common Types of Premises Liability Cases in Maryville

As you go in and out of different buildings, homes, and other structures, you take for granted that you will be kept safe while doing so. Unfortunately, in an effort to save time and money, or through sheer carelessness, property owners often let their premises fall into disarray. When they do, a number of accidents can occur. The most common forms of property owner negligence are as follows:

  • Improperly maintaining stairways and railings
  • Failing to store harmful chemicals in a manner that will keep people safe
  • Failing to repair uneven floors
  • Failing to warn about property deficiencies that are not apparent
  • Failing to disclose that a property contains lead paint
  • Failing to install and test carbon monoxide detectors
  • Creating dangerous conditions that result in an explosion or gas leak
  • Failing to comply with building codes
  • Improper maintenance of an escalator or elevator

The above are just a few acts of negligence that can cause an accident. If you have been hurt by these, or any other hazardous condition, a Maryville premises liability lawyer can advise on your case.

Our Premises Liability Lawyers in Maryville Will Protect Your Rights

If you have been hurt on someone else’s property, do not file a claim on your own. At Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette, our Maryville premises liability lawyers will protect your rights while fighting for the full compensation you deserve. Call us today at 866-862-4855 or contact us online to request a free consultation.

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