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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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LaFollette Dog Bite Lawyer

People in Tennessee love their dogs, but these animals do not always show the same love and affection. Any dog has the potential to bite and attack and when they do, it happens very suddenly. Victims are left with very serious injuries and these are not always only physical. After a dog bite or attack, a person may become very fearful of dogs, even if they once loved them.

If you have been hurt by another person’s dog, you may have the right to file a claim for compensation. The law on dog bites in the state though, is extremely complicated. A LaFollette dog bite lawyer can advise on your case and help you claim the full settlement you are entitled to.

The Law on Dog Bites in LaFollette

The law on dog bites in Tennessee is very unique to those in other states. In some areas of the country, dog bite claims are governed by strict liability. This means the dog owner is liable for the injuries regardless of whether they knew the dog had aggressive or violent tendencies Strict liability also does not require proving the animal had bitten someone in the past. In other areas, victims must prove the owner was negligent in restraining or confining their dog.

In LaFollette, as throughout the rest of the state, a combination of these laws governs dog bite claims. If the victim was in a public place, or had permission to be on private property when they were bitten, they can file a claim under strict liability laws.

However, if the victim was on a farm, or on private residential property or non-commercial property the owner of the dog leases, rents, or has permission to occupy, the victim must file a claim using the one-bite rule. The one-bite rule requires the victim to show the owner was negligent because they knew of the dog’s violent history. It is not always clear on which grounds a victim should file a claim. A LaFollette dog bite lawyer can advise on which type of claim you should file.

How Can a Dog Bite Lawyer in LaFollette Help?

Aside from determining the grounds on which you can file a claim, there are a number of other ways a LaFollette dog bite lawyer can help. These include:

  • Investigating the attack by interviewing neighbors, collecting records about the dog’s history, and more
  • Collect evidence to prove your claim, including taking pictures of the scene
  • Gather medical records to show the nature and extent of your injuries
  • Complete and submit all the necessary paperwork
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Represent you in court, if necessary

A lawyer will perform the above tasks on your behalf so you can claim the full settlement you deserve.

Our Dog Bite Lawyers in LaFollette Will Protect Your Rights

You may feel the impact of a dog bite injury for years to come. At Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette, our LaFollette dog bite lawyers know this, and we also know how to claim the full financial compensation you are entitled to. Call us today at 866-862-4855 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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