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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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LaFollette Car Accident Lawyer

Tennessee Car Accident Lawyers Helping Injury Victims in LaFollette

Nobody gets behind the wheel of a car in LaFollette, Tennessee and expects to be involved in a serious motor vehicle collision. However, crashes happen much more often than we would like to think, whether you are driving in your own neighborhood in LaFollette or heading out of town on I-75. Auto wrecks often happen quickly and without warning, and they usually occur because of another driver’s careless or reckless behavior. A LaFollette car accident lawyer can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Getting the Facts About Tennessee Car Accidents

How often do car accidents happen in LaFollette, Tennessee? According to a fact sheet from the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, Campbell County has a particularly high number of motor vehicle crashes in relation to the size of the population. Between 2007 and the first quarter of 2018, there were tens of thousands of crashes in Campbell County. Here are some comparative statistics:

  • In 2007, there were a total of 1,142 collisions in Campbell County that resulted in at least 12 deaths and at least 386 injuries;
  • In 2017, the number of collisions in Campbell County rose to 1,180 of which 1 was fatal and 284 resulted in injuries; and
  • During the first quarter of 2018 alone, there were 226 crashes in Campbell County of which 3 were fatal and 54 led to personal injuries.

Causes of LaFollette Car Crashes

Why do most car accidents happen in and around LaFollette, Tennessee? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the following are some of the most common reasons that motor vehicle crashes happen:

  • Reckless driving, which can include speeding, tailgating, running red lights, running stop signs, weaving, and other dangerous behaviors;
  • Distracted driving, which often includes texting or talking on a cell phone but can also involve eating, reading a map, changing the radio station, grooming, and any other activities that distract from the primary task of driving;
  • Drowsy driving, which is also known as fatigued driving, and occurs when the driver is too tired to pay proper attention behind the wheel;
  • Drunk driving or intoxicated driving, which happens when a driver has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher or drives while under the influence of drugs;
  • Auto product defects, such as design defects in a car’s brakes or manufacturing defects in an automobile’s airbags;
  • Poorly maintained roads; and
  • Inclement weather, which can include snow and ice but also may involve rain and fog, for example.

Filing Your LaFollette Auto Accident Claim

Under Tennessee law (T.C.A. § 28-3-104), car accident injury victims have one year from the date of the accident to file a claim for compensation. You must file your lawsuit within this limited time window or risk being barred from filing a claim.

Contact a LaFollette Car Accident Lawyer Today

Were you injured in a traffic collision in Tennessee? You should learn more about filing a claim by speaking with a LaFollette car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An advocate at our firm can discuss options with you for seeking financial compensation, and we can begin gathering evidence for your claim. Contact Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette to learn more about the services we provide to injury victims in the LaFollette, Tennessee area.

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