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Clinton Hot Tub Injury Lawyer

In a controlled environment, sitting in a hot tub is a very relaxing experience. But a backyard hot tub is far from a controlled environment. Usually, people with little or no experience in this area purchase and install this equipment. Defective products, like faulty heaters and pumps, are common problems. Lack of care on the owner’s behalf is an even more common problem. Generally, owners are legally responsible for the injuries their negligence causes.

Over the years, the experienced Clinton hot tub injury lawyers at Fox Farley Willis & Burnette have developed proven methods in these cases. When necessary, we partner with top private investigators to collect evidence that supports your claim for damages. Then, we use cutting-edge technology to research the law in this area, so we know your claim is on the cutting edge as well. Our hard work on the front end pays dividends for our clients on the back end, in the form of maximum compensation for their serious injuries.

Use Issues

The water in most hot tubs is about 100 degrees. That’s hot enough to seriously burn most children. That’s also hot enough to cause internal injuries in some cases. Additionally, a slightly-elevated temperature could have a devastating effect.

Despite these risks, many hot tub owners are somewhat lax when it comes to allowing children or other vulnerable individuals to use a hot tub. Making matters worse, many hot tub owners consume alcohol when their hot tubs are in use. Alcohol impairs judgment. Therefore, many owners aren’t thinking clearly at a time when they really need clarity of thought

Equipment Issues

The heater and temperature sensor are just two of the many complex moving parts in an average residential hot tub. Other parts include the pump and drain. All of these parts are subject to issues like:

  • Design Defect: During the rush to churn out profitable products, manufacturers often take shortcuts during the design phase. For example, a hot tub’s seals may not be tight enough to withstand extreme heat.
  • Manufacturing Defect: Sometimes, these shortcuts happen during the manufacturing process. Commonly, manufacturers use cheap components that cannot withstand a sufficient amount of wear and tear.

Usually, manufacturers are strictly liable for the injuries their defective products cause. The unforeseeable misuse doctrine, an extremely rare legal rule, is the only effective defense in these cases.

Cleaning Issues

Swimming pool and hot tub water requires a delicate balance of caustic chemicals to keep it clean and safe.

If the cleaning chemical level is too high, hot tub users could sustain chemical burns in places like their ears, noses, and throats. These injuries are especially likely if users briefly submerge themselves in the water, as most users are prone to do. On the other end of the scale, if the cleaning chemical level is too low, dangerous bacteria could grow and multiply in the water. That’s especially true in a hot tub. The water is warm enough to incubate bacteria and not nearly warm enough to kill it.

Cleaning issues and user issues typically involve negligence, or a lack of care. If that’s the case, a Clinton hot tub injury lawyer can file a legal claim in court.

Talk To a Dedicated Anderson County Lawyer

Injury victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Clinton hot tub injury lawyer, contact Fox Farley Willis & Burnette Attorneys at Law by going online or calling 865-500-HURT. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.

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