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woodrowWoodrow is actually named Troublesome Captain Call after Captain Woodrow Call from the Lonesome Dove series. He is a 4 year old male Labrador retriever who loves to clown around. He is currently running AKC Field Trials and has just moved up to running AKC Open All Age and Amateur series. He received his Qualified All Age (QAA) status by placing second in the Memphis Field Trial in April 2016 in a 39 dog field. This was a great accomplishment in a very talented field of dogs. Woodrow really wants to please, but sometimes his enthusiasm gets in his way, but that is what makes him special! He gives 100% effort and is happy doing it. He really enjoys being at home with Mary Jane and me, but he occasionally gets into trouble with Mary Jane. One night we went to a movie and left Ty and Woodrow in the house. When we returned Ty met us at the door with his head and tail down. He really does have a conscience, so I knew something bad had happened. I went through the house looking for Woodrow and found him in the living room standing in a pile of goose feathers that covered the entire living room. He had a smile on his face, his tail was wagging and he seemed very proud of himself. Thank goodness it was just a down pillow and not the sofa that he had destroyed!

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