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ty 2Ty’s full name is Tennessee Troublesome Ty. He is a 5 year old male Labrador retriever who is running AKC Field Trials and AKC Hunt Tests. Ty is Qualified All Age (QAA) in Field Trials which means he can run and compete on all levels of Field Trials, including restricted open and amateur. He is handled by Professional Brady Collins in the Field Trial Open Series and I handle him in the Field Trial Amateur series. I also runs Ty in the AKC Hunt Test series and Ty received his Master Hunter Title (MH) after qualifying at the East Tennessee Retriever Club event in May, 2016. Ty is a talented dog who runs hard, wants to please and has an exceptional ability to recall the marks (ducks) that are thrown during the test. He is a pleasure to be around at home and the office, minds me well and has a conscience. He enjoys having his head rubbed and taking naps. When he comes to the office, he considers it his job to make sure all trash cans are free of any food.

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