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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyers > Clinton Criminal Lawyer

Clinton Criminal Lawyer

Aggressively Defending Your Rights Against Clinton Criminal Charges

Being charged with any type of criminal offense is a serious matter that deserves the full backing of an experienced law firm. The Clinton criminal defense attorneys of Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette represent clients who have been charged with all types of criminal offenses, from traffic misdemeanors to life felony offenses. It is crucial that your attorney has experience in all aspects of the criminal process, including evidence gathering, communication with police, and defending you in court. Our Clinton criminal defense lawyers provide exceptional service and have helped countless people beat the charges put against them.

Call an Attorney Immediately After an Arrest

After you are arrested, it is crucial that you refrain from speaking with the police or any investigators before you call a lawyer. An attorney will be able to guide you through the initial necessary steps of your arrest and will greatly increase your chances of having the charges dropped or avoiding a lengthy jail or prison sentence. The Clinton attorneys of Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette have experience in all of the criminal matters and much more:

  • Assault & Battery;
  • Drug Crimes;
  • DUI Charges;
  • Driving Offenses;
  • Robbery;
  • Arson;
  • Theft & Burglary Charges;
  • Violent Crimes;
  • White Collar Crimes;
  • Juvenile Offenses;
  • Expungements;
  • Warrant Violations;
  • Probation Violations; and
  • Criminal Appeals.

What Happens After an Arrest?

After being arrested, you must be read your Miranda rights, which state that you have the right to remain silent, among others. However, in the rare case that you were not given your Miranda warning, anything that you tell an officer may be dismissed in court. This is incredibly rare, and a more likely scenario is one where the police entice, coerce, or even intimidate you to speak in hopes of an accidental confession. Call a lawyer before talking. We will quickly begin working on a dismissal of the charges or to prevent charges from being filed against you in the first place. If charges are pressed, we will either work with the prosecution to come to a reasonable sentence, with your consent, or we will take your case all the way to trial. Our attorneys have decades worth of trial experience and have in-depth knowledge of how all aspects of the Tennessee and federal criminal justice systems work.

The Stress of a Criminal Investigation

Our attorneys fully understand the stress, anxiety, and fear that naturally comes with an arrest. We take the time to educate our clients about the criminal process and how best to proceed for the highest chance of success. Prosecutors wield more power in the criminal justice system than ever these days, and force many defendants to admit to crimes they did not commit, or face the possibility of extreme prison sentences, according to Slate. Our attorneys will not be bullied by the prosecution, will aggressively defend your rights, and do what it takes to prove your innocence. 

Contact an Experienced Clinton Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Will Advocate on Your Behalf

The Clinton criminal defense lawyers with the law office Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette will aggressively defend you both in and out of court. Regardless of the charges being pressed against you, we will work tirelessly to beat those charges and keep your record clean. Call us today to schedule a consultation immediately.

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