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Tennessee Taxotere Lawyer

Taxotere is a prescription medication that helps treat certain types of cancers. Unfortunately, the drug also had a series of severe and unanticipated side effects in certain patients, so if you were prescribed Taxotere and suffered from a severe allergic reaction, fluid retention, permanent hair loss, or gastrointestinal distress, you should consider speaking with an experienced Tennessee Taxotere lawyer who can help determine whether you have a claim against the drug’s manufacturer.

Unexpected Side Effects

Taxotere treats prostate cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and breast cancer by attacking cancer cells in the body and preventing their growth. Like other chemotherapy drugs, Taxotere was expected to have certain side effects, including nausea, weakness, muscle pain, rashes, and temporary hair loss. However, as a result of the drug manufacturer’s failure to adequately test its product or warn consumers of possible side effects, many patients have begun experiencing permanent hair loss. Known as Taxotere Alopecia, this permanent hair loss is one of the most commonly reported non-disclosed side effects of taking the drug and has spawned hundreds of lawsuits against the drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis Inc. which allegedly:

  • Failed to release data on incidences of permanent hair loss in patients;
  • Failed to investigate complaints of permanent hair loss;
  • Failed to warn physicians and patients about the true risks of permanent alopecia;
  • Used a defective design during production; and
  • Mislabeled its products.

Late in 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially updated the warning label for Taxotere, which now states that permanent hair loss can occur in patients. Unfortunately, the drug, which has been in circulation since 1996, had already affected thousands of patients who claim that if they had known of these adverse side effects, they would have taken the different, although equally effective drug known as Taxol. By failing to warn consumers of this permanent side effect, the drug’s manufacturer essentially robbed patients of this decision, leaving them to suffer with the permanent reminder of their battle with cancer. This type of conduct is not only unconscionable, but also unlawful, as drug manufacturers are required to comply with federal guidelines when creating and marketing their drugs. By failing to warn consumers of permanent side effects, Sanofi-Aventis Inc. violated this duty and so can be held accountable in court.

Potential Damages

Those suffering from permanent alopecia after taking Taxotere may be eligible to recover damages from the drug’s manufacturer, which could include compensation for past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, emotional distress, permanent disfigurement, and mental anguish. Collecting compensation can go a long way towards helping injured patients who may have spent thousands of dollars on expensive treatments to reverse the side effects of Taxotere and who could be struggling with the emotional repercussions of permanent hair loss.

Call Today to Discuss Your Case with an Experienced Taxotere Lawyer

If you were prescribed Taxotere and are now suffering from side effects, please contact one of the dedicated dangerous drug lawyers at Fox Farley Willis & Burnette by calling (866) 862-4855 today. We are prepared to assist you immediately.

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