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Tennessee Imodium A-D Lawyer

Many Tennessee residents assume that just because a drug is sold over-the-counter (OTC) that it is somehow safer than medication requiring a doctor’s prescription. But the truth is that any drug can produce serious, life-threatening side effects, regardless of how it is sold. And even drugs that have been extensively marketed directly to consumers for decades may still be defective in some way.

For example, the popular anti-diarrhea drug Imodium A-D has been tied to nearly a dozen deaths over the past four decades. And in January 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a revised “Drug Safety Communication” regarding the risk of serious side effects from using Imodium A-D, which is the brand name for the drug Loperamide. According to federal regulators, Imodium A-D can do more than stop diarrhea–it can also lead to “serious heart problems,” which is obviously not an intended side effect.

If you or someone you love has experienced any problems related to anti-diarrhea medication, you may be entitled to legal compensation from the manufacturers of Imodium A-D and other parties. The Tennessee Imodium A-D lawyers at Fox & Farley in Knoxville can assist you in reviewing your situation and helping you decide whether or not to pursue a claim. As with any personal injury case, you may be in a position to seek damages including medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

FDA Warns of Overdose Risks with Anti-Diarrhea Medications

The potential side effects of Imodium A-D are not a recent discovery. The FDA issued its first warning about the drug in June 2016. At that time, the agency said “taking higher than recommended doses” of Imodium A-D could cause serious heart problems, including but not limited to abnormal heart rhythms, which in turn could lead to death. The FDA also cautioned against taking Imodium A-D in conjunction with certain medications.

More recently, in January 2018, the FDA said it was “working with manufacturers” of Imodium A-D to “limit the number of doses in a package” in order to prevent potential overuse. The FDA continues to allow the sale of Imodium A-D but nevertheless reported that it continues to “receive reports of serious heart problems and deaths.” The FDA also reminded patients that the maximum safe dosage for loperamide without a doctor’s prescription is 8 milligrams per day.

Has an Opioid Addiction Led You to Abuse Imodium A-D? Call Us Today

Although the FDA continues to treat Imodium A-D’s deadly side effects as a consequence of patient abuse, it is important to understand that no drug manufacturer has the right to sell a dangerous or defective product. Manufacturers can also be held legally liable if they knew of the risks of certain side effects yet failed to disclose them. It is also worth noting that many people who suffer from opioid addiction are turning to Imodium A-D as a cheap substitute when they can no longer access painkillers.

Whatever your situation, it is in your best interest to sit down and speak with a Tennessee Imodium A-D lawyer who can offer you a critical, independent assessment of your legal options. Contact the offices of Fox & Farley, Attorneys at Law, at 866-862-4855 to speak with a member of our legal team today.

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