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Nashville Xarelto Lawyer

Online medical resource WebMD describes the challenging role blood plays in the human body. On the one hand, it must flow freely to carry oxygen and essential nutrients; on the other, it must shut down to protect the body when injury occurs. Naturally occurring blood clots are healthy, but they can be extremely dangerous in other situations. People who suffer from certain medical conditions, including atrial fibrillation, deep vein thrombosis, or invasive surgeries may be at risk of extremely dangerous health threats. A blood clot can travel to the heart or the brain, leading to potentially life-threatening complications. If you were the victim of ­­­­­­such effects by taking Xarelto, you should discuss your situation with a Nashville Xarelto lawyer about your rights.

Risk Factors Associated with Xarelto

Various blood thinning medications have been developed by pharmaceutical companies and prescribed by physicians to reduce the risk of heart conditions and stroke caused by blood clots. Some of these drugs did show promise, but many carried additional risks that countered the benefits. Warfarin, in particular, required close monitoring to assess the patient’s reactions. Plus, extreme lifestyle and dietary changes were necessary to obtain optimal results.

Xarelto was created as a safer alternative to risky blood thinners, but it has proven to be a considerable health threat. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) details the two most hazardous risks linked to use of Xarelto:

  • Stroke: The purpose of Xarelto is to reduce the risk of stroke due to blood clots, but problems arise when a patient stops taking it. Blood clots are actually more likely to occur and can lead to a life-threatening stroke.
  • Uncontrolled Bleeding: Xarelto can work “too” well in preventing blood clots, leading to serious problems for patients. The drug inhibits blood’s natural tendency to coagulate when necessary in response to the human body’s needs. The result is uncontrolled bleeding, which can be further complicated if the patient is also taking other medications. Aspirin, warfarin, other blood clot inhibitors may add to Xarelto’s intended effects, and can cause death in serious cases.

Your Right to Compensation for Xarelto Injuries

Claimants in a number of lawsuits have accused Xarelto’s manufacturers of violating the duty of care with which drug makers must comply. According to various allegations, these companies failed to properly test the medication, did not provide accurate results to the FDA, and may have employed defective equipment when conducting trials. These actions and others may constitute violations of law, but they also give rights to those who took Xarelto and suffered injuries. If you are a victim or are the family member who died as a result of consuming this medication, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Talk to a Dangerous Drug Lawyer in Nashville Today

If you would like to hear more about your legal remedies as the victim of Xarelto-related injuries, please contact Fox & Farley at (866) 862-4855. We are happy to schedule a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable dangerous drug attorney who can answer your questions and explain your rights.

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