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Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer
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COVID-19 Message

Fox, Farley, Willis & Burnette is open. However, unless it is an emergency, we prefer phone, text, email contact from current clients who have questions or upcoming court appearances, depositions or trial. For new clients who need our help we can meet at our office in the conference room and maintain the recommended 6 foot distance. All members of the firm continue to diligently work on all current cases at the office and remotely.

Below is a breakdown of our team’s respective phone and email addresses in case you want to reach out to any of us directly.



Name Phone Number Email Paralegal
Fox, Bruce bruce@foxlawtn.com Paralegal – Beth Galloway
Burnette, Brad 865-259-1722 Brad@foxlawtn.com Paralegal – Andrea Hancock
Willis, John 865-259-1720 John@foxlawtn.com Paralegal – Andrea Hancock
Beehan, Michael 865-259-1725 Michael@foxlawtn.com Paralegal – Beth Galloway
Davis, Kelly 865-259-1726 Kelly@foxlawtn.com
Hancock, Andrea 865-259-1727 Andrea@foxlawtn.com
Galloway, Beth 865-259-1728 Beth@foxlawtn.com
Nance, Debbi 865-259-1730 Debbi@foxlawtn.com
Yearwood, Karen 865-259-1732 Karen@foxlawtn.com
Farley, Michael 865-457-6440 1badlawdog@gmail.com
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